Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park

SUNDAY 20th. October 2013 I managed 3 activations on Sunday. I had 11 contacts from GOWER C.P. for it’s first ever activation.(As far as I know) Greg VK5ZGY took over the mike and had a ball working a similar number of stations for his first ever qrp portable effort as well as being his first ever Park activation.Greg, VK5ZGY, having a ball.

 Greg, VK5ZGY, having a ball.

I then shifted around the corner to TANTANOOLA CAVES C.P. and as I had already activated this Park with Tom, VK5EE, Greg assumed the operating duties and had about 15 contacts. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and, I think, will be keen to get out to a park or two with XYL Gabi.

 Gabi and Greg, VK5ZGY.
Gabi and Greg, VK5ZGY.

Last one for the day was TELFORD SCRUB C.P. where I was joined by Tim, VK5AV. I had previously activated this Park as well so I was more than happy to give the mike to Tim. He has been quite active as a S.O.T.A. and Parks chaser but had never been involved as an activator before this. He made quite a few contacts and was quite surprised at how well the portable qrp set up was performing. He too thoroughly enjoyed the effort and I am sure we will hear him from a park or summit soon. All in all – a great day. We packed up and got about 4 Kms. down the road home and the rain set in, so we were very lucky.

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