Tom, VK5EE and Greg, VK5ZGY

Tom, VK5EE and Greg, VK5ZGY

SUNDAY 17th. November 2013

Today Tom, VK5EE, Greg,VK5ZGY and XYL Gabi and myself activated the Lower Glenelg River C.P. in S.A.

We boarded the “M.V. Parkseeker” and went “Maritime Mobile” upstream from Donovan’s Landing about 600 metres and across the Glenelg River and disembarked onto Hirth’s Landing. A great little picnic spot if you have a boat. From there we climbed about 120 steps up the steep incline and then about another 100 metres to the top of the river valley where we joined up with the track for The Great South West Walk which comes up from Portland Victoria along the coast then loops inland to Dartmoor and back to Portland again via Heywood.

We walked about 300 metres east and set up on the GSWW track.

Conditions were good and Tom, Greg and I made about 10 -15 contacts each.

I worked:-

VK3YSP/p Joe in the Dandenong Ranges N.P. and his xyl VK3FOWL, Julie.

VK5PAS/p in the Wyperfeld N.P., VK5BJE, VK3CAH, VK3AXH/p, VK3KG/p, VK5DK, VK5FMID, VK3ZPF/p, VK5AV, VK5HD, VK5OI/p (Mt. George C.P.)VK5HAC, VK5GJ.

We packed up and headed back to the boat, boarded and headed back to Donovan’s with much laughter along the way due to a couple of near mishaps. (Almost man or woman overboard type stuff)

More pic’s on the Yahoo group site.

A very enjoyable activation.

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  1. vk5pas says:

    Hi Col,
    It was great to speak with you, Tom, & Greg whilst I was in Wyperfeld NP in NW Victoria. It looks a lot more appealing where you were at the time. Very hot in Wyperfeld with no shade.
    Congrats on a terrific activation.

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