S.O.T.A.- Saturday attempt to work EU/G DX

Hi All.

Tom, VK5EE and I activated Mt. Burr, (VK5 SE-019) last night. I set up my newly constructed 20 metre delta loop but, unfortunately, there were less trees on Mt. Burr than I thought and the only useable one left the bottom of the loop only 1 metre above the ground. I had one contact with Peter, VK3ZPF/p before horrendous noise, (40-50 over S9) started from somewhere on the hill. (It is the local TV broadcast site with many commercial antenna as well). That put paid to Peter as I could no longer hear him, or anyone else.

After a bit of drama Tom got his Buddipole vertical up and running and the noise stopped just as he fired up. I could not hear most of the stations calling him, (Loop too close to the ground?) so I packed up and Tom got stuck into the job. With David, VK5HDW logging for him, and Tom, VK5FTRG giving moral encouragement Tom managed 16 contacts in all.

He was able to work:-

VK3HRA/p. S2S on VK3. VE-008












VK3EQ/p. S2S on VK3. VN-020




All in all a very pleasant couple of hours and a good result. Had the noise from the transmitter site continued we would not have been able to operate, so we got lucky there.

In future we may consider trying for EU/G DX from Mt. Gambier even though it is not classified as a summit. We will have a think about that.

Cheers for now and good DX


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