BELT HILL C.P. (30th. December 2013)


Tom, VK5EE, decided that he did not want to operate from this Park today, (Saving it for him to activate at a later date?)

Therefore I had to do all the work, (well, all the talking anyway)

The Park is quite small and we could not find a park sign anywhere. As it is also quite overgrown and we were a bit concerned about the long skinny things that bite we elected to set up and operate from an old quarry on the Southern boundary track just west of the corner of Stuckey’s Lane.

I managed 9 contacts from this Park, (the first one for the day). They were:-

VK3AMB, Bernard, VK5WG, Neville, VK5MAD, Bill, VK5LY, Larry, VK5PAS, PaulVK3VCE, Dave, VK3EO, Tom and VK5NIG/p, Nigel in the Black Hill C.P..

Thanks to all who gave us a call.

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