CALECTASIA C.P. (30th. December 2013)


After spending nearly an hour demonstrating our lack of map reading skills we finally found this park. Strangely, it was exactly where the maps said it was.
Set up options were limited and we had to contend with very annoying power line noise from the lines running parallel to the park frontage.
We again used my Par end fed half wave 40 metre mono bander set up as an inverted “V” on my 7 metre squid pole and the KX3 at 5 watts. Tom, VK5EE did the bulk of the operating from this one. He worked:-
VK5WG, Neville, VK3PF/p, Peter on VK3. VE-081, VK3MRG/p Marshall on VK3 VE-007, VK5PAS, Paul, VK5FMID, Brian, VK3AMB, Bernard, VK5BJE/p, John portable at Brians Lookout, and VK3ANL,Nick.
I worked VK3MRG/p Marshall and VK3PF/p Peter

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