FURNER C.P. (30th. December 2013)

Furner was also a little difficult to find, (for us anyway) but after a bit of too-ing and fro-ing and testing the four wheel drive abilities of the “shopping Trolley” (2006 Ford Fiesta 3 door hatch) we got there.
We had a coffee and a bite to eat and after climbing the fence, (gates were locked) we set up Tom’s switched dipole for 20 metres as Tom wanted to try and work a few VK summits which were about at the time. We spotted ourselves on the ParksnPeaks website and gave out a few calls. Tom was able to work VK5BJE with some difficulty. We scanned around 20 metres a bit and gave it away, going down to 40 metres where we fared much better.
Tom worked:-
VK5BJE/p,John, (20 metres),VK3PF/p, Peter on VK3. VE-023, VK5STU, Stuart, VK5HOS, Owen, VK5MK, Nigel, VK5LY, Larry, VK5FMID, Brian,
VK5WG, Neville, VK5PAS, Paul, VK3AMB, Bernard, VK5CZ, Ian, VK2ZAR, Ray.
I was able to work:-
VK2ZAR, Ray, VK2FW, Ray,VK5FMID, Brian, VK3ATA, Uri, (he was using CW which Tom was able to decipher), VK3FTRV/p2, Ben in the Mt. Kosciosko N.P. VK3ATA, Uri again, (this time on phone), and VK3TKK, Peter.
Tom’s switched dipole was fed with about 8 metres of 450 Ohm ladder line, into a homebrew 4:1 balun and my KX3. It works very well but, in my opinion, is a bit tedious to put up as the ladder line requires taping at intervals to the mast.
Thanks to all who called us in this park as well.

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