LAKE FROME C.P. (30th. December 2013)

ImageWe were a bit concerned about being able to find/access this park but, in fact it was very easy. We drove in off the Southern Ports Highway, (Millicent Beachport Road) and set up in the car park using my Par 40 metre end fed halfwave, (again) The park looks a bit neglected and overgrown.

Tom only had the one contact from this park, preferring to take some photo’s of me looking silly, (usual appearance).

He worked VK5 P arks A nd S ummits, Paul, (Tom get’s the credit for coming up with that so don’t shoot me Paul)

I had a stream of contacts from this park including:-

VK2IO/p, Gerard on VK2,HU-093, VK5LY, Larry, VK5NIG/p, Nigel in the Black Hills C.P., VK5STU/p Stu also in the Black Hill C.P., VK3PF/p, Peter on VK3. VE-025,VK3AFW/p, Ron on Mt. Buller. VK3. VE-008, VK5WG, Neville, VK5PAS, Paul, VK3YSP/p, Joe in the Terrick Terrick N.P. and VK3FOWL/p in the same park.,VK3CAT/p, Tony on VK3. VE-016, VK3VCD, David, VK5FMID, Brian, VK3AMB, Bernard, VK5TD, John and VK2NEO, Peter.

Many thanks to all who gave us a call. 

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One Response to LAKE FROME C.P. (30th. December 2013)

  1. vk5pas says:

    Howdy Col,

    I actually like that. Its got a real ring to it.

    Great to see you had so many Hunters calling you.



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