PENOLA C.P. (30th. December 2013)

ImagePenola C.P. was the last one to be activated for the day.

We set up on the south western corner. Tom took a back seat for this one even though I asked him to make a few contacts. At least he can activate this park again any time I suppose.

I had 12 contacts from Penola. Unfortunately the park is very overgrown with bracken fern. The main entrance is on the Penola to Robe Road just west of Gun Alley road.

Thanks to all who called.

I worked:-

VK3FPSR, Peter, VK5AV, Tim, VK5PAS, Paul, VK5BJE/p3, John in the Warby Ovens N.P., VK5JDS, Darryl,VK5WG, Neville, VK5DK, Colin, VK3ANL, Nick, VK5ZER, Michael, VK3YSP/m Joe,VK1RX, Al, VK5FMID, Brian,

Thanks fella’s.

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