OVERVIEW OF 5 PARK ACTIVATION. 30th. December 2013


Tom, VK5EE and myself left Mt. Gambier at about 8.45am local time and travelled through Millicent and Hatherleigh to Belt Hill Conservation Park.
After Belt Hill, we went across to Lake Frome Conservation Park and then the Furner Conservation Park. That was followed by Calectasia Conservation Park and, finally, Penola Conservation Park.
Hopefully the map will give interested readers a bit of an idea where we were.
A more detailed description of each activation follows below. (Note that Calectasia C.P. is out of order)
I have put all photographs and Google Earth map images for each park in the photos section of The South Australia National Park and Conservation Park Yahoo Group website.

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One Response to OVERVIEW OF 5 PARK ACTIVATION. 30th. December 2013

  1. vk5pas says:

    Hi Col,

    It was a pleasure as always to work both you & Tom from these parks. This was a really great day to sit back at home as a Hunter. Well done on your efforts guys and continued support of the VK5 Parks Award. Looks like you are having fun, and that is what it is all about.



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