BEACHPORT C.P. (Wednesday 8th. January 2014)



Tom, VK5EE, and I travelled from Mt. Gambier through Millicent, Rendelsham along The Southern Ports Highway to Beachport. We  headed for Lake George and the Beachport Conservation Park,Once in the Park we turned right into the 3 Mile Bend campsite area until we came on a track to the left which opened up onto the shoreline of Lake George.

We had the area to ourselves.

We set up the KX3, Par 40 metre end fed half wave on a 7 metre squid pole and we were ready to go.

Tom did most of the work from this park and managed 12contacts. He worked:-

VK5BJE,John,  VK5PAS, Paul,  VK5LY, Larry,  VK5FMID, Brian,  VK5ZBD, Gregg,  VK3PF, Peter,  VK5WF, Nev,  VK5HGP, Graham,  and after U.T.C. rollover, VK5GJ, Greg,  VK5LY, Larry,  VK5BJE, John,  VK5PAS, Paul again.

In order to qualify the Park as being activated I worked VK5PAS, Paul.

It was a magnificent place to operate from. Very RF quiet and just a great place.

I have posted more photo’s from this park on the Yahoo group site at:-


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