4 PARKS – SUMMARY. (WEDNESDAY 8th. January 2014)



Tom and I had a really great day. The weather was brilliant, (except for the wind which became quite strong in the afternoon).
Beachport C.P. was fantastic.  A really great place for camping, fishing or whatever way you might wish to relax.
Lake St, Clair looked unkempt and the morons showed evidence of their presence by leaving rubbish etc. behind as they do. Little Dip C.P. was another great spot for a peaceful experience although we may have been lucky, with a lot of people returned to work already.
Reedy Creek C.P. was very overgrown and a real bushfire risk.
I have been told that a S.E.R.G. member went into the local Parks office in Mt. Gambier and was told that they were totally unaware of a number of the parks which have been activated in the Lower South East.
Tom and I covered about 311 kms. for the day and had a ball. We were very lucky with the weather as it has become too hot to be doing parks since Wednesday. On the way home we stopped at the Kangaroo Inn ruins and had a look around. We took a few photos as well but that’s a bit off topic. Thanks again to all who gave us a call. We are sorry that a few could not be there for all 4 parks, but some were, and were able to boost the points tally.
I have included a copy of our track log for anyone who may be interested. Thanks again.



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One Response to 4 PARKS – SUMMARY. (WEDNESDAY 8th. January 2014)

  1. vk5pas says:

    Hi Col,

    Great to have worked you & Tom from all 4 parks in the South East. Some new ones there for me which was great.

    As I said on air the other day, it doesn’t surprise me with the comments by DEWNR. I am led to believe they are horribly underfunded by the State Govt. This is a real shame.

    I too had a look at the Kangaroo Inn ruins when I activated Reedy Creek CP. It is a really interesting place with lots of very good history.

    Best 73 mate & keep on enjoying the park activations.


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