LAKE St. CLAIR. (Wednesday 8th. January 2014)




This was to be our 2nd park for the day.

We left Beachport and turned North on the Southern Ports Highway again.

After about 22 kms. we turned left into Powells Road which runs down the western side of the park. We could not find any Park signs except for a road type sign on the corner. We turned in on a small track heading back toward the main road and set up in a fairly large clearing, (the lake itself?). A couple of holes with water in them were spotted, as were some small piles of broken / crushed shells.(Aboriginal middens?).

Tom decided to sit this one out so it was up to me. Luckily, I had a spare antenna pole with me, as we had one collapse at Beachport which resulted in one section splitting along over half it’s length.

Tom and I set up. I switched on the KX3 and called.

Larry, VK5LY pounced on me and we were off and running. Another 10 contacts followed. They were:-

VK5FMID, Brian,  VK5BJE, John,  VK3PF, Peter,  VK5GJ, Gregg,  VK5PAS, Paul,  VK5FRCP, Rex,  VK5NQP, David,  VK3BA/m, Nik,  VK5WG, Nev, and VK5KC, David.

A small but high quality group of chasers. Thanks for your efforts fellas.

With no further answers to our plaintive cries we packed up and again headed north on the Southern Ports Highway.

Photos from this park are on the Yahoo site at:-



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