LITTLE DIP C.P. (Wednesday, 8th. January 2014)




After leaving Lake St. Clair C.P. we again headed north on the Southern Ports Highway until we reached the very popular seaside holiday town of Robe.

After crossing the bridge over Drain L we turned left onto Nora Crena road which we followed for about 12 km.

On reaching the North Eastern corner of the park and taking a photo of the park sign we headed down along the northern side of the park on Long Gully Road until we reached the camping ground which butts onto the sand hills leading to the beach. As the shopping trolley is not all that great in the sand hills we elected to set up in a large mowed area of the park. There was one camper pop top van and a tent set up and a few four wheel drives were coming and going, but no one bothered us.

The wind was getting pretty strong at this stage and I was a bit worried about my, Now, only remaining 7 metre squid pole.

We decided to upset the waiting hordes by taking “time out” for a coffee and a sandwich.

Once the fire was refuelled it was “on with the job”

Tom’s turn this time, and as usual, he grabbed a spot in the shade.

We set up and Tom got cracking. He worked:-

VK5LY, Larry,  VK5BJE, John,  VK5PAS, Paul,  VK5QV, Ivan, (An ex S.E.R.G. member now living in Adelaide. Great to hear him), VK5FMID, Brian,  VK5WG, Nev,  VK3PF, Peter,  VK5GJ,  Greg,  VK5MBD, Bill and VK5IS, Ian.

As I was feeling deprived I insisted on working:-

VK5MBD, Bill, and VK5FMID, Brian.

These two very valuable contacts allowed me to Claim points for this park as an Activator.

This was quite a pleasant place to work from and would be a great spot if you own a 4wd and are keen on fishing off the beach.

Again, Thanks to all who called us and apologies to those poor unfortunates who were unable too because they were at work. (someone has to pay taxes in order that us pensioners can have a play. HiHi)
Once again, photo’s from this park are on the Yahoo group site at:-
Thanks to all those who gave us a call from this one as well.
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One Response to LITTLE DIP C.P. (Wednesday, 8th. January 2014)

  1. vk5bje says:

    Hi Col
    I appreciate your blog. It is great to see the other end of the contact! That is, learn something of the park and environment that you guys can play in. Retirement is great isn’t it?

    John Dawes
    PS I appreciated the contacts.

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