REEDY CREEK C.P. (Wednesday 8th. January 2014)

This was to be our last park for the day.
We left Robe and turned south on the Southern Ports Highway again, veering left onto the Robe/Penola road. After crossing the Princes Highway we carried on until Jorgensons Road came into view just before the Kangaroo Inn settlement. After turning north up Jorgensons road we travelled about 5 km. until we reached a bit of a cross road. A very large gum tree is on the right and a brightly coloured cray pot float is suspended from a post. We had been travelling with the park on our right for about 4 km. and the actual park sign and entrance are 30 metres back from the corner. As can be seen from the photographs the grass was very long and thick in the park and we were not prepared to risk starting a fire by driving in. It would have been a challenge to put the antenna up as well so, seeing the council or the adjoining farmer had cut the grass from the park entrance up to the corner we elected to set up just outside the park gates.
After setting up I had contacts with:-
VK3PF, Peter, VK5BJE, John, VK5FMID, Brian, VK5PAS, Paul, VK5WG, Nev, VK5GJ, Greg, VK5LY, Larry, VK5JDS, Darryl, VK3SOG, Fred, VK5MRD, Bill and VK5NQP, David.
Tom had a contact with Brian, VK5FMID to qualify as an activator from this park.
Once again Tom and I thank all who took the time and trouble to give us a call. It is greatly appreciated.
As usual – photos are on the Yahoo website at:-

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One Response to REEDY CREEK C.P. (Wednesday 8th. January 2014)

  1. vk5pas says:

    Hi Col,

    What a great little park this is. And another example of a park that the majority of the public probably don’t even know about. The nearby Kangaroo Inn ruins are also very interesting as is the Post office tree.

    Great work activating Reedy Creek CP fellas.

    Best 73,


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