Glen Roy C.P was my 2nd and final activation for the day. This time I continued on, ( past the sign on my right) until the 10 year old pines on the left finished and the Dead man Swamp began. 100 metres further on my right  and in the Glen Roy C.P. was a clearing which was perfect as I could get off the road to set up and park the car. Plenty of room although on a slope. I set up and started calling. At first I thought that the KX3 had died but a bit of perseverance saw the contacts trickle in. It was a slow process but I ended up working 14 stations with two of those being park to park.


VK3ZZZ,   VK5FTRG,   VK5PAS,   VK5YX,   VK5ZGY/m,   VK5FTCT,   VK3VTH/p in the South East Forest National Park, (VKFF-458) in N.S.W.,   VK2UH,   VK5ZAR/p in the Carribie C.P.,   VK3FQSO,   VK5VRB,   VK5AV,   VK5JR AND  VK3ERW.

Many thanks to those who called.


GLEN ROY C.P. 20.04.2014

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