Naracoorte Caves N.P.

To start this activation I travelled up the Struan – Joanna Road where a map I had showed part of this park on the left. I drove along the road frontage and then up a sandy tack on the western side but I could not seen any signs, and as the track was pretty soft sand I turned back and headed for the main tourist part of the park. This was teeming with cars and so I drove about 1-200 metres past the main entrance road, and drove into a narrow bush track on the left hand side of the road.Continuing on I eventually came out onto a wide fire break between the park and a large stand of young pine trees. Unfortunately there was a power line nearby which caused me grief during my stay in the park. However, I had the spot to myself the whole time which was good.

I managed to get 20 contacts from here including one park to park with Arno who was portable in the Inness C.P.



VK5FMID,   VK5AV,   VK5FTRG,   VK5PAS,   VK5DJ,   VK5NIG,   VK5ZAR/p in the Innes C.P.,   VK5DT,   VK5LY,   VK3HQ,   VK3TKK,   VK3FIAN,   VK3XBO,   VK5FTCT,   VK5ZGY/m,   VK3AMB,   VK5FBBJ,   VK3ANL,   VK5BP AND   VK3AFW.

Thanks to all who called me.

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