wiring a footswitch for use with a computer type headset on the kx3


This is a really simple little project.
All that is required is:
1. a headset.
2. The Elecraft KX3 Packet cable accessory set. (You only need the ACC2 module)
3. A suitable foot switch.
On the cable from the footswitch you will need a MONO 3.5mm plug.
This goes into the socket on the ACC2 module, (alongside the RCA socket).
The 2.5mm stereo plug on the other end of the module plugs into, (you guessed it) the ACCES2 socket on the KX3.
The headset speaker stereo plug goes into the “PHONES” socket on the KX3 and the stereo plug from the headset microphone plugs into the “MIC” socket on the KX3.
All that remains to complete the installation is to press and hold the “MENU” button on the KX3 and change the following two items.
MENU ITEM: ACC2 IO…….Change value from “OFF” to “L0=Ptt” and
MIC BTN…….Change value to “OFF”
That’s it.
If your standard Elecraft mic has ptt and up / down buttons you will need to changes the MIC BTN menu back to “Ptt” after you have finished using the headset and the ACC2 IO menu will need to be returned to the “OFF” state.
Also the latest revision to the KX3 software has the voice recorder module activated so that you now have 2 15 second voice message slots available for “CQ” calls or whatever.

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