5 PARKS – 28TH. AUGUST 2014



Tom, VK5EE, and myself set out from Mt. Gambier at 8.oo a.m. local time, turned right at Naracoorte and then left, heading for Frances.

Turned left at the corner where the Bangham C.P. starts and travelled a couple of km west to the Geegeela C.P.



We entered the park and set up on a track on the Eastern side. Conditions were terrible, (although the noise floor was zero)

With many cq calls unanswered we moved down to 7.055 and caught up with Ron, VK3MRH and Dennis, VK3HHA in Wodonga and Albury respectively. Excellent signals, (58 59 both ways). Thanks for letting us into your qso fellas. (we were desperate).

Then followed Neville VK5WG who’s signal was way down at 43 sent and 43 received. Thanks Neville.

Next was VK2JDL/2 on VK2. NW-001 AND ALSO WWFF PARK FF0353.

Next up was VK3ASC/5 in the Flinders Ranges on Summit VK5. NE-015 at 54 rcd and 53. Thanks Mark.

Last but by no means least was Andrew, VK2UH in Yass N.S.W. (57 & 58). Thanks Andrew.

This was the best number of contacts from a single park for the day

NEXT up was the Bangham C.P.



After setting up and calling cq for what seemed like ages we snagged VK2ARZ who took pity on us and gave us a call. Max was 57 to us and we gave him 57 also. Thanks Max.

We packed up and moved on North to Pine Hill Soak C.P. and set up on the South West corner behind the Bangham Community Hall. We called and called until finally we managed to work Phil, VK2JDL/2 on summit VK2 NW-004 with 41 reports both ways. Thanks Phil.



That completed the parks that we had advertised doing and as the day was moving on we headed back to Frances and turned into Victoria to try and access the Little Dessert National Park. After 2 fruitless attempts, (the two tracks we tried turned into 300mm deep wheel ruts full of water and soft sand), so we aborted and headed for the Naracoorte Caves National Park. We set up and after calling for a fair while we faintly heard Col. VK5DK and Robin, VK5TN trying to call us from Mt. Gambier. Unfortunately they could not hear us at all.

Finally Brad VK2HAV from Batemans Bay came up.( 59 sent to him, 58 received back) .

Thanks for your help in trying to rustle up some more business Brad but unhappily we were not successful.

Lastly we activated Glen Roy C.P. and once again the only contact we could muster up was Brad VK2HAV again.

Thanks again for your efforts Brad.

We thoroughly enjoyed the weather and the day but radio wise it was a bit of a fizzer.

We will try again though.

Sorry to those who were listening but did not hear us. Next time?

73 for now.










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