After activating CANUNDA N.P. Owen and I travelled back through Carpenter rocks and headed for the Carpenter Rocks C.P.

The entrance to this park is very easy to miss as it has been neglected and has become quite overgrown since Tom, VK5EE and I were last there. Also some kind considerate person has decided that it is his/her personal dump site and there was quite a lot of garden rubbish dumped at the spot where we string up the half wave end fed 40 metre antenna. We did have enough room, (just) and quickly got on air. We did have some power line noise but as the power lines were at right angles to the antenna it was not too bad.

We managed to work 7 hunters from this park. Many thanks to:-

David. VK5NQP

Ron. VK3JP

Greg. VK5ZGY

John. VK5DJ

John. VK2AWJ

Allen. VK3HRA

Greg. VK5GJ

I was again a bit, (sorry, very) slack and only took one photograph.


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