Douglas Point Conservation Park was the last park on our mental itinerary for the day.

We activated from the cliff car park. (which is a bit rough to access with a few drains and wash aways’ to negotiate but the “shopping Trolley” handled the job with a bit of care).

Once again we were sheltered from the worst of the wind and although at one point it looked as though we were about to get rained on it was a storm in a tea cup and we were able to carry on regardless.

10 keen hunters tracked us down in this park and, once again we were able to give a couple a “new ones” to enthusiastic hunters.

Thank you to :-

Larry. VK5LY

Bernard. VK3AV

John. VK2AWJ

Andrew. VK2UH

David. VK5NQP

Hans. VK5YX

Greg. VK5GJ

Tim. VK5AV

Mike. VK5AGI

Darryl. VK5JDS

Thanks to all.

I managed a few shots at this one so here they are.

The South Eastern coastline of South Australia tends to be pretty wild and rugged and has trapped many an unwary (or unlucky) maritime vessel. A 30 year old woman was lost here and a small memorial is just west of the car park. These photo’s do not do justice to the scenery as there are many rocks and reefs along this stretch of coastline.


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