After carefully eyeing the weather Owen, VK5HOS and I decided to continue on and so we headed to the Nene Valley Conservation Park. ( which is just west of the Nene Valley shacks.)

We set up right on the Eastern boundary of the park and were sheltered from the wind by the scrub on our western side.

After setting up the 40 metre Par end fed half wave as an inverted “V” hung from my 7 metre heavy duty squid pole we connected the KX3 and called CQ VK5 PARKS AWARD.

12 Hunters tracked us down in this park.

Many thanks to:_

Brian. VK5FMID

Larry. VK5LY

Greg. VK5GJ

John. VK5DJ

Greg. VK5ZGY

David. VK5NQP

Trevor. VK3ATX

Bernard. VK3AV

Amanda. VK3FQSO


Tim. VK5AV

Ian. VK5

We were able to give 2 or 3 of these a “New One” which is always gratifying and makes the trip worthwhile.

I once again, (sigh) had a “slack attack” and only took one photo.


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