Tom, VK5EE, and I went to the Canunda National Park on Sunday to have a play and, hopefully, rack up some points toward an activator award from the Worldwide Flora and Fauna group and also to make some contacts with people out and about in Victorian parks for The Keith Roget Memorial weekend and last but not least to, perhaps, give a few VK5 park hunters a new one.



We set up right alongside the Cape Banks Lighthouse which is on the South Western tip of the Canunda National Park.

We initially used my Elecraft KX3 set at 10 watts and the ever reliable 40 metre half wave end fed set at 7 metres on a squid pole but soon realised that we were not being heard.

We swapped the KX3 for Tom’s Yaesu 857 and after cranking it up to 50 watts we started making qso’s.

I tried several times to get Tom to grab the mike and give me a rest but he insisted that he did not want to as he could not be bothered with the work of keeping the log and putting it on the computer later so I had to carry on.

We fired up at 11.30 a.m. S.A. local time and “pulled the plug” just after 2 p.m. local. During that time we worked 38 stations which we were more than happy with. I have yet to check my previous activations from Canunda but I am sure that I will have passed the required 44 contacts to qualify the Park under WWFF rules.

The weather, although cold and windy was kind to us and one rain squall that I thought we would have to shut for just scraped past us with only a light sprinkle. Carpenter rocks about a kilometre south of us looked as though they got drenched.

After half an hour or so we had to add my 12 volt battery to Tom’s via a set of jumper leads that I always carry in the shopping trolley as the voltage was down to 12 volts on transmit but we ended up running out of enthusiasm before the lack of volts stopped us.



Many thanks to all who called us. It helps a great deal when you get a lot of calls during an activation and goes a very long way to making the effort worthwhile.

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