The two Park trajicks.

The two Park trajicks.

Ewens Ponds was park number 2. for the day and Tom slipped right in to the drivers seat and took off. (Complaining again about using 10 watts when we could have been using 100).

The chasers checked in with Tom fairly quickly and he racked up a good list.

First cab off the rank was Mr. Parks and Summits, Paul, AX5PAS/p closely followed by:-

AX3TKK, Peter, VK5FANA, Adrian, VK5ZRY, Richard, AX3MRG, Marshall, VK5GJ, Greg, AX5FSTU, Stuart, VK5TN, Robin, VK5JK, Jeff, VK3MKM, Ken, AX3ARF, Andrew, VK5NQP, David, AX3PAC, Fred, VK5ZGY, Greg, AX5NRG, Roy, VK3FWSO, Amanda, VK5QI, Mark, VK3EHG/p, Hiro on Mt. Tassie, AX2IB/3, Bernard on VK3. VE-017.

Tom then handed me the reigns and I was off.

AX5PAS/p, Paul was first on VK5. SE-016 closely followed by VK5ZRY Richard, AX2IB, Bernard, AX3AV, Bernard, VK3FOWL, Julie, VK5FCLK, Chubba, and VK5TN, Robin.

Thanks to all who called us.

Much appreciated and we hope that all enjoyed the action.

The Pond entrance

The Pond entrance

What the park is all about

What the park is all about


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