One of the many park signs in this area

One of the many park signs in this area

Tom, VK5EE and I decided that we would like to get out and activate some parks for Australia day and so we picked the 3 listed here.

As there were vehicles parked in the actual pond area we continued on down to the beach area and parked on the road at the base of the small sand hill  which had a “ROAD CLOSED” sign on it. We set up my KX3 and the 40 metre Par end fed as an inverted V held up in the centre by the 7 metre squid pole. Tom was not fussed  about operating, (too early in the morning for him?) and so I jumped in. First to answer my call was VK5ZGY but he was that feint that I was unable to complete the contact. NEXT UP WAS VK3EK, Rob who was 59+++ and then slowly but surely the calls came in.

VK7KR, Kevin, VK5HS, Ivan, then VK5TN, robin, (The first local we had been able to hear for nearly an hour), VK7FGGT, Greg, VK5LY, Larry, AX3FDAC/p, Darrin, VK3GYH, Mike, AX3AFW, Ron, VK5FANA, Adrian, VK5BJE, John portable in the Belair N.P., VK5NQP, David, VK1MA, Matt, VK3TKK, Peter, VK7KO, Jerry, VK5WG, Nev, VK5GJ, Greg, AX5PAS, Paul on VK5. SE-016, VK3MRG, Marshall, AX3PF/7, Peter inTasmania,

VK3ZZS/p, Colin, VK3DAC, Fred, VK5ZGY/P, Greg, VK5ZRY, Richard, VK3NCR/2, Craig in Echuca, VK3FQSO, Amanda, VK2UH, Andrew, VK3ARR, Andrew, VK3MAY, David, VK3FOWL, Julie, VK2FBAC, Andy, VK5DF, Daniel, VK3VIN, Ian, VK3ANL, Nick, VK3CMZ, Tony, VK5FTRG, Tom, VK5AV, Tim, VK3MTB, Tim, VK3NCC, Colin, VK3BNJ, Stan, VK3JM, Fred and VK5TN, Robin again.

Tom worked only two stations from this park, AX5BJE, John and AX5PAS/p, Paul on a S.O.T.A. Summit, using the AX5AA call for both.

The sky was completely overcast for all of this activation and we had a breeze coming off the sea on to our backs which was bitterly cold. We were both glad to move on as our teeth were chattering by the time we left. The sun came out and from then on it was a glorious day. (We were actually hot whilst at the next park).

Tom setting up. HCF poncing about with the Kodak.

Tom setting up. HCF poncing about with the Kodak.

This was an excellent result after a slow start.

Thanks to every one who called and we hope that you enjoyed the day as much as we did.


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  1. vk5bje says:

    Hi Col and Tom
    A great post and you guys did well over your three parks. You set the bar really high!
    I am glad that I was able to work you both from Belair NP.

    John D

  2. waky53 says:

    Thanks Tom & Col for your activations today you had good signals. I could barely hear others (Paul 5PAS & John 5BJE) at first but Paul did get louder later. Tom had me confused with his callsign especially when Col spotted him as 5EE. I looked up QRZ.com & it gave 5AA as an alias for someone else, but 5AA was what I received so that is what is in the log.
    thanks fellas

  3. vk5hcf says:

    Toms AA call sign is valid on the A.C.M.A. data base. The QRZ.com holder is wrong. Thanks for the contacts David.

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