Yesterday would have to be one of the best park activations I have done yet. The weather was perfect, warm with a gentle southerly breeze, fantastic surroundings and near zero noise.

Once again Tom, VK5EE and I teamed up and a formidable team we are.

I started off on 7.095 but after 6 contacts I was politely asked if I would mind moving as I was splattering the Kandos Group. I was happy to move and ended up on 7.085 where I stayed for the rest of the activation.

Hunters called in a steady stream and the log rapidly filled.

Tom had a bit of a session and then decided to set up on 20 metres using his linked dipole, 7 metre squid pole and the Yaesu FT-857. Running about 40 watts he tried to raise some interest but it was probably a bit early in the day so he came back to annoy me for a while. (Hihi).


Tom, VK5EE at the 20 metre station


The contacts kept coming on 40 and after a half hour or so and a sandwich and a coffee Tom wandered off back to the 20 metre station. I was able to spot him on the DX cluster and for the next 40 minutes or so he was flat out trying to pick out the unfamiliar calls from the pileup. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of his log so I can not give much detail but he worked about 27 or so DX stations and 14 stations on 40 metres. I know that in the finish he upped the power on the 857 to “full noise”

I am experimenting with the sound for my videos as well and although I think I have captured both sides of the qso a bit better there is a definite “echo” on Toms’ voice or mine depending on who is behind the mike. More homework needed.

I would like to thank all the amateurs who gave us a call, many of whom were not chasing the parks but who heard us trying to pry calls out of the ether and took pity on us. ANY call is a bonus so thank you all.

Also a few of you took the trouble to spot us and I can assure you that it is worthwhile doing. Each time the qso count went up for a while so thank you to those people as well.

This was particularly evident when Tom was on 14.292. As soon as he was spotted the calls started.

Here is the list of stations that I worked on 40 metres:-

First to go in the log was Trevor,VK5TW rapidly followed by Arno VK5ZAR/p in the Black Hill C.P., Les VK5KLV/p in the Dutchmans Stern C.P., Peter VK3ZPF, Paul VK5FUZZ, Derreck VK3FAFC, Terry VK3UP, Rick VK3FAFK, Brian VK5FMID, ,Amanda VK3FQSO, Colin VK3ZZS, Jeff VK5JK, Greg VK5ZGY/p, Brett VK3FLCS, Peter VK3NAD, Fred VK3DAC, Paul VK5PAS/p in the Monarto C.P., Adrian VK5FANA, Charles VK5FBAC, Peter VK5KPR, David VK5LSB, John VK5BJE/p in the Scott Creek C.P., Tony VK5CAT, Bernard VK3AV, Damien VK5FDEC, Larry VK5LY/p in Cooltong C.P., Peter VK5FLEX, Keith VK5OQ,  Peter VK3TKK,  Robin VK5TN, Don VK3SIG, Tim VK5AV, Tom VK5FTRG, Alan VK3HRA, Andy VK5AKK/p in Horsnell Gully C.P., Bob VK5FO/p in the Morialta C.P., Andrew VK3ARR, Jim VK5JW, Steve VK3ZH, Glen VK2FC, Rob VK4FFAB, Matt5 VK5ZM/m, Adrian VK5AJR, Chris VK5FCHM, Ewen VK3OW, Kevin VK7HKN,  and finally, Matt VK5MLB.

Tom, VK5EE at the 40 metre station

Again, many thanks to all for allowing us to enjoy a really great day.

Here is a video of the day.




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4 Responses to NARACOORTE CAVES NATIONAL PARK. VKFF-380. 30th. Jan. 2015

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Col,

    A great activation. You certainly got a lot of contacts which is great to see. And some DX on 20m, you beauty. The Europeans certainly do love WWFF.

    Hope to work you ‘park to park’ on the 3rd Summer activation afternoon/evening on the 13th February 2015.

    Best 73,


  2. vk5bje says:

    Hi Col
    Congratulations on your very successful activation. It is always good fun when you are chased!
    John D

  3. Christopher Marshall says:

    Great to work you guys that day. I’m all the way up mid north in Port Pirie.

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