GOWER C.P. Friday evening activation. 27th. February 2015

Tom, VK5EE. Alan, VK5FAJS. Col, VK5HCF.

Tom, VK5EE and I decided to activate the Gower Conservation Park mid morning on the Friday. I posted the appropriate alerts on Yahoo and Parks N Peaks and then invited Alan, VK5FAJS to join us as he had expressed some interest in becoming involved in portable operations.

After picking Tom and Alan up we set of west on the Princes Highway towards Millicent.

We drove past the Tantanoola Caves and turned right into McPherson Road, (before reaching the roadhouse) and travelled along until reaching the cross road,( where McPherson road has an offset),  before continuing on.

We set up in a small clearing about 50 metres after the start of the park.



Alan was most impressed with the short time it took to get set up and operating. Tom declined to start off as did Alan, so, yet again, I had to do all the hard work. Of course the usual happened when Tom finally agreed to have a go on the mike – he complained that I had worked everyone and left no contacts for him. (sigh – He is a Pom after all). After Tom had worked a few we were able to talk Alan into having a bit of a go. I think it is fair to say that Alan is “hooked” as he and xyl Georgie love getting out with the four wheel drive and the caravan and doing a bit of “bush camping” so the portable set up will be ideal.

Conditions were very good and I ended up with 16 contacts. They were:-

Greg, VK5GJ. Marc, VK3OHM. Mick, VK3PMG. Andrew, VK2UH. Fred, VK3DAC. Paul, VK5PAS. Bill, VK5WCC. Nev, VK5WG. Phil, VK3BHR. Col, VK5CH. Brian, VK5FMID. John, VK5BJE/p in Scott Creek C.P..Paul, VK5PAS/p in the Onkaparinga C.P.. Richard, VK5ZRY/p in Ramsay Way C.P.. Peter, VK3PF. and last but by no means least, Adrian, VK5FANA/p in the Clinton C.P.

Col. VK5HCFTom worked the following:-

Bill, VK5WCC. Greg,VK5GJ. Mick, VK3PMG. John, VK5BJE/p in the Scott Creek C.P.. Paul, VK5PAS/p in the Onkaparinga C.P.. Adrian, VK5FANA/p in the Clinton C.P. and, finally, Richard, VK5ZRY/p in Ramsay Way C.P.

Tom, VK5EEAlan was able to work a few as well. His list is:-

Greg, VK5GJ. Peter, VK3TKK. Craig, VK3CRG operating qrp from his Geelong back yard. (Experimenting with Buddipole vertical). Paul, VK5PAS/p from the Onkaparinga C.P. Robin, VK5TN. Adrian, VK5FANA/p in the Clinton C.P.

Well done Alan. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the activation and we will do it again soon mate.


Another great evening activation. All three of us thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours we were out there. Alan was very impressed with how good 5 watts can be when conditions “are right” and he is now looking for a radio suitable for portable and Parks use. (100 watts output preferred). Alan will now be “champing at the bit” to take his xyl Georgie out to do some portable operating. (Georgie wants to get her foundation licence as soon as she can.)

Many thanks to all who gave us a call and to particularly those who spotted us. A great afternoon and many thanks to Paul, VK5PAS for pushing us all into getting of our backsides and getting out and about. We will see how we are placed for the next evening activation and we are planning for the VK5 second anniversary weekend as well. We will advise when we know what park/parks we may do when we have a better idea.

Cheers for now.


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4 Responses to GOWER C.P. Friday evening activation. 27th. February 2015

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Col,

    A great read as always. And sounds like you guys had a terrific activation Look forward to working you on the next Summer activation event.

    Best 73,


  2. vk5hcfCol says:

    Thanks Paul.
    Alan’s enthusiasm was infectious.

  3. John Dawes says:

    Hi Col, great activation and I was pleased to work you in Gower CP.
    John Dawes

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