BIG HEATH C.P. (Sunday 29.03.2015) VK5 Parks 2nd anniversary weekend.

I have activated this park once before and I have to say that scenery wise  it is one of the nicest that I have been in. The sound of the gas guns in the vineyard over the road is a bit off-putting at first though. The map gives an idea of the location.

Geography lesson

Geography lesson

It took no time at all for Tom, VK5EE and I to set up and get on the air.

The dynamic duo

The dynamic duo

As I had activated this park before Tom started us off. After working 13 stations he got tired of keeping the log and passed the mike to me.

I carried on long enough to log the following calls:

Gordon, VK5GY/p in the Kenneth Stirling C.P.

Andy, VK5AKH/p in the Coorong N.P.

Tony, VK3VTH/p5 in the Flinders Ranges N.P.

Tom, VK5FTRG in the Tantanoola Caves C.P.

Adrian, VK5FANA,

Greg, VK5ZGY/p in the Reidy Creek C.P.

Bill, VK5WR,

Tim, VK3MTB/p5 in the Little Dip C.P.

Jeff, VK5JK, and Peter, VK3TKK.

It was then time to pack up and move on to Glen Roy C.P. if we were to get home at a reasonable hour.

All the calls were greatly appreciated.

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