Lower Glenelg River C.P. (Saturday 28.03.2015) VK5 Parks 2nd anniversary weekend

I have activated this park before with Greg, VK5ZGY and xyl Gabi and Tom, VK5EE. That was one of the best days I have had in a park. Great company and good fun.

This is where the park is:



This time around Tom and I decided to see if we could access the park from the Victorian side thus not requiring a boat. We went out with Alan, VK5FAJS and  did a Leyland Brothers recce of the area before the day  so we knew we could access it alright when required.

Come Saturday and Tom, VK5EE, Alan, VK5FAJS and xyl Georgie and I set off.

I even managed to get the “Shopping Trolley” in without damage.

Once we got to the park sign we set up and Tom, VK5EE started us off in grand fashion, pulling chasers and park to park contacts from everywhere.

Tom, VK5EE earning his keep

Tom, VK5EE earning his keep

After a while Tom’s tongue was sticking to his mouth so he called for reinforcements and Alan stepped up to the mike. Tom was able to work 18 stations before he fell in a heap.

Alan did a great job but found it a bit tiring concentrating hard on trying to log, remember call signs, signal reports etcetera and so I was called in.

He managed 8 contacts. Well done Alan.


The “Old Fart” having a go

I was able to work the following callers:

Ian, VK5CZ/p in the Spring Gully C.P.

Chris, VK4FR/p5 in the Parndana C.P.

Arno, VK5ZAR in the Pt. Gawler C.P.

Brian, VK5FMID,

Peter, VK5KX/p in the Hogwash Bend C.P.

Peter, VK3NAD,

Mark, VK5QR/p in the Coorong N.P.

Garry, AVK5FGRY/p in the Morialta C.P.Bob, VK3BWZ, Mick, VK3PMG, and Ken, VK2KYO.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and Alan and xyl Georgie are wrapt in operating outdoors in the bush as they are very much into bush camping with their caravan.

Alan is very keen to upgrade to a standard licence and Georgie wants to get her foundation licence a.s.a.p.

Many thanks to all who took the time to give us a call. Without chasers there is no pleasure to be had all.

Thanks also to Paul, VK5PAS for starting this activity and to all the keen park people who went out and activated.

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