Mary Seymour C.P. (Sunday 29.03.2015) VK5 Parks 2nd anniversary weekend.

The last time I activated this park I set up on the North Eastern boundary just past the stockyard. The noise from the high tension power lines running along the boundary was horrific and made the day pretty unpleasant. This time Tom and I kept on driving for about half a kilometre until we crossed a drain. We turned left onto a track which ran alongside the drain and back into the park. After driving in about half a km we found a spot where the track was just wide enough for us to set up. Bliss. No noise at all although we could still see the power lines.

The layout

The layout

As I have done this park before I let Tom loose and he worked up a pile up in no time.

Tom's been "framed"

Tom’s been “framed”

Tom was able to log 21 contacts before he decided to let me have a turn.

I was able to work:

Paul, VK5PAS/p in the Warrenben C.P.

David, VK5HDW/p in the Beachport C.P.

Tony, VK5ZAI/p in the Jip Jip C.P.

Geoff, VK5HEL.

Andrew, VK5KET/p in the Calectasia C.P.

Gregg, VK5GJ in the Scott C.P.

Tony, VK3VTH/p5 in the Flinders Ranges N.P.

Mark, VK5QI/p in the Coorong N.P.

It was then time to move on to the Big Heath C.P. so we packed up and left the park to the silence.

Many thanks to every one who gave us a call.

The "Proof"

The “Proof”

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One Response to Mary Seymour C.P. (Sunday 29.03.2015) VK5 Parks 2nd anniversary weekend.

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Col,

    Nice to have got a ‘park to park’ with you mate. I was with Richard VK5ZRY in Warrenben. Most of our activation in Warrenben was taken up with helping out poor old Peter VK5FLEX who had got himself bogged in Peebinga CP up near the SA/Vic Border. A very remote spot and no mobile phone coverage for Peter. After numerous phone calls we finally got someone prepared to head out to pull Peter out of the sand. It was a good example of how important amateur radio can be in ’emergency’ type situations.

    Best 73,


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