The 2nd anniversary of the VK5 Parks Award weekend. An overview from my perspective.

We were extremely lucky with the weather over the weekend and the 40 metre band was in pretty good shape too.

It was fantastic to hear so many foundation calls.

Many of them went out into a park and gave us points and quite a few sat at the home qth and joined in the fun as well.

I am impressed by the quality of their operating standard and behaviour as well. I for one believe the foundation licence has been a big shot in the arm for amateur radio.

It is meant to be a teaser though, so all you “F” calls – if you want more –  study hard and it can be yours.

It was great to hear so many South East Radio Group members out there as well.

David, VK5HDW went out on his own on Saturday and scored well over 100 contacts on his first ever park activating foray. Well done David.

Tom, VK5FTRG was out and about again as well, Andrew, VK5KET had a crack, Tim, VK5AV our club president was not going to be left out either, Greg, VK5ZGY and xyl Gabi were giving it a big go, Tony, VK5ZAI and xyl Jill were enjoying themselves as were Tom, VK5EE, Alan, VK5FAJS and xyl Georgie and of course yours truly.

Many thanks to Paul, VK5PAS for starting the whole shebang and to the many activators and chasers who made it such a fantastic weekend

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3 Responses to The 2nd anniversary of the VK5 Parks Award weekend. An overview from my perspective.

  1. John Dawes says:

    Hi Col, I must agree with your comments about Foudation licence holders. It has been great for the hobby having these folk on the bands. Many have upgraded their status which is great. I was pleased to have some contacts from home: I was grounded which was a bit tough!
    Good work!
    John Dawes

  2. vk5hcf says:

    Hi John,

  3. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Col,

    Many thanks for your participation. I will try to put together some stats over the next few weeks with the total number of activators, total number of parks, total number of QSOs etc.

    Again, well done to you and all of the other South East Radio Group members for participating and getting out there in the field.

    Best 73,


    p.s. you left Greg VK5ZGY & Gabbie off your list of South East participants.

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