Mt. RICHMOND NATIONAL PARK. VKFF-0361. (15th. November 2015)

Tom, VK5EE and I finally got around to getting out into a park again.

This weekend was the 5th. anniversary of the Keith Roget Memorial Parks annual activation event and we were determined to be involved.

The weather here in South Eastern Australia has not been very conducive to getting out and about for the last few months and it was long past time that we dusted off the gear and headed out.

As Tim, VK5AV was planning on activating the Lower Glenelg National Park and then Cobbobonee  we decided that we would go to Mt. Richmond National Park as we had not been there before whereas we have activated the other two on more than one occasion.

After a bit of a delayed start from Mt. Gambier we headed off down the Nelson / Portland road and finally arrived in Mt. Richmond N.P.

Mt. Richmond National Park

Mt. Richmond National Park

I must say that I was impressed as it is very well set up with numerous picnic and camping spots with tables and open fireplaces and even a toilet block. The area has many trees and it would be very possible to sling a line up into one of them and hoist up your vertical or a dipole without much trouble. We elected to use the tried and true 7 metre squid pole however. After stringing up my P.A.R. 40 metre end fed antenna we were good to go.

Tom started us off and then decided that he wanted something from the car so I got to be the man of the moment for a while. During one of Tom’s stints at the microphone I went for a bit of a wander down one of the many walking tracks. I did not get far before I spotted a Koala asleep high up in a tree. After taking a few shots I returned to the picnic table and happened to mention my find to Tom.

That was it. Apparently he had never seen a Koala in the wild before so he threw the mike at me and rushed to the car to get his camera and off he went.

The weather was great, sunny with a mild breeze, and the conditions for radio were pretty good as well. We were receiving, and sending, some very good reports.

We managed to get 44 contacts in the log. (31 for me and 13 for Tom). I have come to the conclusion that Tom hates paper work and the idea of entering too many contacts into his log puts him off a bit. (I have been known to be wrong though as my xyl. will verify).

Although a bit disappointing it guarantees that we will return some time soon to try to get our 44 each so it’s not all bad.

Unfortunately my camera did not switch on when I tried to video some of the action so I ended up with no video and the ISO setting on it was too high so the few photo’s that I got are very grainy.

The operating spot

The operating spot

My thanks go to the following operators:-

Paul, VK5PAS/3 in Great Otway N.P.,

Tony, VK5FTVR,

Jeff, VK5JK,

Joe, VK3YSP/3 on French Island N.P.

Les, VK5KLV,

Greg, VK5GJ in Carribee C.P.

Tim, VK5AV in Cobboboonee N.P.

Adrian, VK5FANA,

Fred, VK3DAC,

Alex, VK3AMX,

Mick, VK3PMG,

Alan, VK5LAM/P

Rob, VK4AAC/5 in Nene Valley C.P.

John, VK2YW,

Ken, VK3UH,

Tom, VK5NFT with his new call sign,

Rex, VK3OF in Terrick Terrick N.P.

David, VK5PL,

Ron, VK3AFW,

Peter, VK3YE/3 at Chelsea Beach with his kite antenna and a cracking signal.

Ray, VK3NBL,

VK2AWJ/3 in Yarra Ranges N.P.

Ron, VK3MRH,

Scott, VK7NWT,

Tim, VK5AV/m

John, VK5BJE,

Andrew, VK3ARR,

Nigel, VK5NIG, in Mt. Vrawford C.P.

Brett, avk3flcs,

Mark, VK3OHM,

Rob, VK4AAC/5 this time from Canunda N.P.

Tom, VK5EE wishes to thank:-

Paul, VK5PAS, Andrew, VK1AD, Tony, VK7LTD, John, VK2AWJ, Lesley, VK5LOL/3, Peter, VK3YE/3 Amanda, VK3FQSO, Ron, VK3MRH, Stu, VK5STU/5, Nigel, VK5NIG, Rob, VK4AAC/5, Paul, VK5PAS/3, and Ray, VK7VKV.

Tom, VK5EE "hard at it"

Tom, VK5EE “hard at it”

All in all another great day had by all.

Many thanks and I promise to be out again soon.


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6 Responses to Mt. RICHMOND NATIONAL PARK. VKFF-0361. (15th. November 2015)

  1. Mick says:

    G’day Col, thanks for the park to park contact from the Grampians. Glad the short skip decided to work Sunday as I needed Mt Richmond, much appreciated.
    Mick vk3pmg.

  2. vk5bje says:

    Hi Col
    Thanks for the activation. It was great to get you in the log.

    John D

    • vk5hcf says:

      Hi John,
      It was good to work you from Mt. Richmond. We have not heard you on air much lately and I have not been out since June so it was good to find out yet again how good it is to get away from all the QRM.

  3. Stuart says:

    Hi Col,
    Great to work you guys. Thanks for the activation.
    FYI I have linked to your blog from mine – hope you don’t mind? (

    • vk5hcf says:

      Hi Stu,
      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for giving us a shout. I have had a look at your blog site and I congratulate you on an excellent job. It makes my effort look very average.
      I hope to work you again soon. 73

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