PENAMBOL C.P. VKFF-0802. (28th. November 2015)


Tom, VK5EE and I had decided to activate this park on the Saturday of the VKFF activation weekend as it was close to Mt. Gambier and therefore an easy one to do as a short afternoon activation.

After travelling South from the Mount on the Glenelg River Road, (also called Punt Road or “The Nelson Road”), we passed through the tiny hamlet of Caveton and turned left onto  Sea Coast Road. We followed this past the Devil’s Hole sinkhole on the left and then the quarry on our right. We turned right at the next opportunity. This road runs into the Northern boundary of the Park. We turned left and followed the track along the boundary for about a kilometre and then turned into the park at the Butterfly Walk entrance.

As it was a Friends of the Parks weekend we expected to see quite a few people there but, apart from a portable toilet, we had the place to ourselves.

After setting up Tom started our activation off. At first he thought the KX3 had died as he was not getting any power out. After a bit of head scratching I remembered that I had been playing with the voice recorder feature on this amazing little device and so after changing a couple of settings we were in business at 10 watts.

Tom, VK5EE launches our campaign

Tom, VK5EE launches our campaign

Conditions were quite good with a bit of QSB but the contacts flowed quite well. Tom and I swapped positions a few times to allow stretching the legs or wandering about taking photo’s of the wildlife. I don’t have a copy of Toms log but I worked the following callers.

Adrian, VK5FANA in Bird Island C.P. VKFF-0871

Paul, VK5PAS in Scott C.P. VKFF-0934.

Greg, VK5ZGY in Canunda N.P. VKFF-0075

Tom. VK5NFT,

Tim, VK5AV.

Jim, VK1AT/3

Brian, VK5FMID.

Rob, VK4AAC/5 in Little Dip C.P. VKFF-0904.

Paul, VK3DBP.

Andrew, VK2UH.

Allen, VK3HRA in Hepburn R.P. VKFF-0968.

Cliff, VK2NP/2 in Sea Acres N.P. VKFF-0606.

Mick, VK3PMG in Gunbower N.P. VKFF-0740.

Ian, VK1DI in Goorooyarra N.R. VKFF-0841.

Giles, VK5GK/5 in Mt. George C.P. VKFF-0784. (His first ever Park.)

Greg, VK5GJ/5 in Cox’s Scrub C.P. VKFF-0824.

Fred, VK3DAC in Mornington Peninsula VKFF-0333.

Peter, VK3ZPF/3 in Point Nepean N.P. VKFF-0628.

Joe, VK3YSP/3 on the Dromana Pier.

Peter, VK3TKK.

Julie, VK3FOWL/3 on Dromana Pier.

Garry, VK5FGY/5 in Morialta C.P.

Ron, VK3AFW.

Ian, VK5CZ/5 in Spring Gulley C.P. VKFF-0816.

24 contacts with 14 of those being Park to Park contacts.

Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The weather was good, the flies not too persistent and pretty good radio conditions. Most importantly – NO RF NOISE! Brilliant.

Many thanks to all who gave us a call. Without your input the day would have been a dead loss.

Many thanks are due to Paul, VK5PAS also for his unceasing efforts in organising this weekend and the whole WWFF AND VKFF activity in general. A truly magnificent solo effort Paul!

We look forward to returning to complete our 44 contacts each.

I have now added some video at:-



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8 Responses to PENAMBOL C.P. VKFF-0802. (28th. November 2015)

  1. vk5bje says:

    Hi Col, congratulations on the activation. I had a quiet weekend: one contact with Gerard,VK2IO/P in Cattai NP, north west of Sydney. I have activated this park and wanted to work it as a hunter. I have been struggling a bit with bronchitis and side effects from taking antibiotics. I am hopeful that might be on the mend and am looking forward to a few activations over Christmas and the New Year.
    John D

    • vk5hcf says:

      Hi John,
      Your absence from the bands has been noticed and I am sorry to hear of your health problems. It doesn’t sound very pleasant. Hopefully the warmer weather(?) will help to sort it out.
      It would be good to hear you operating from a Park shortly and I hope to get out again soon myself as it has been quite a “long time between drinks”.
      Thanks for the comment. Cheers.
      Col. VK5HCF

  2. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Col,

    Nice write up on what is a nice little park in the South East. I activated Penambol back in June when I was down there for your Convention.

    Thanks for being out there (both you and Tom), and for being a part of the very first VKFF Activation Weekend.



  3. Mick says:

    Hi Col,
    Thanks for the activations and contacts on the weekend, good to catch up with yourself and Tom, and log some more parks. Great weekend all round.
    Mick vk3pmg.

  4. Bob says:

    Hey Col, VK5FGRY in Morialta CP is also another VKFF park – look up the number it is there!

    • vk5hcf says:

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for the comment. I note that Paul has now received approval for ALL VK5 Conservation Parks to qualify. A fantastic effort on behalf of all of us Park tragics’
      Look forward to catching you blokes further down the log.

  5. vk5hcf says:

    Hi Mick,
    It was great to work you again and we look forward to many more contacts yet to come.
    I think all involved had a great weekend.
    Col. VK5HCF

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