EWENS PONDS C.P. VKFF-0796. (29th. November 2015)

Ewens Ponds Conservation Park was our 2nd. activation on the Sunday of the VKFF activation weekend.




When Tom, VK5EE and I arrived there were a number of cars were in the carpark and it was obvious that the occupants had been diving in the ponds. The positioning of some of these cars made setting up a bit of a challenge with the antenna touching some tree branches which, initially caused us a bit of concern. However, once we started calling it appeared that all was good and no degradation of signals was evident. A good start. Curiosity got the better of one of the divers and he came over for a chat. He seemed fascinated with what we were doing but, of course, he had the usual layman’s problem of not being able to grasp the difference between CB and Amateur Radio. He went away quite impressed with our setup as we had had contacts into VK1, VK2, VK3, VK5 and VK7 up to that point. They all packed up and left shortly after that and for a while we had the park to ourselves.

Ewens Ponds is a very pretty spot but there is not a lot of room for antennas if it is busy. We had managed to set up out of the way however and conditions were quite good.


Tom, VK5EE busy chasing chasers

Tom, VK5EE busy chasing chasers

Once again Tom and I took turns operating and I was able to get 22 contacts into my log. 8 of those were Park to Park contacts which was really great.

I worked the following callers:-

Greg, VK5ZGY/5 in Penola C.P. VKFF-0803.

Adrian, VK5FANA/5 in Clinton C.P. VKFF-0813.

Brian, VK5FMID.

Hans, VK5YX.

Marc, VK3OHM.

Tim, VK5AV.

Rob, VK4AAC/5 in Beachport C.P. VKFF-0791.

Stef, AVK5HSX/2 in Murrumbidgee Valley N.P. VKFF-0554.

Ron, VK3VBI.

Ron, VK3MRH.

John, VK5DJ.

Ray, VK3NBL.

Gerrard,VK2IO/2 in Cattai N.P. VKFF-0092.

Eric, VK3BSG.

Peter, VK3PF/3 in Port Phillip Heads M.N.P. VKFF-0954.

Andrew, VK1DA/2 on Mt. Browning. VK2. ST-042.

David, VK3MDB.

David, VK5HYZ.

Jeff, VK5JK.

Bill, VK3LY.

Tony, VK5FTVR.

Ian, VK1DI/2 in Molonglo Gorge N.R. VKFF-0991.

Another very enjoyable, (and profitable), activation.


Shady Tom.

Shady Tom.

Thank you to all who gave Tom and I a shout. It is very much appreciated.

Here is some video:-


We packed up at about 3.30 U.T.C. and headed for our last Park for the day – Douglass Point C.P. VKFF-0795.


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