Telford Scrub C.P. (VKFF-0805). 8th. January 2016

This was a Friday twilight activation and our first for the New Year.

Tom, VK5EE and I decided to head to Telford Scrub C.P. as it is only about 14km. North of Mt. Gambier.

Telford Scrub C.P.

Telford Scrub C.P.

There has been a small fire adjacent to the car park which was obviously spotted very early as only about  200 square metres had burnt. At a rough guess I would say that some thoughtless fool threw a cigarette butt onto the ground without bothering to make sure that it was out. Very lucky. The park has deteriorated since our last visit and there has obviously been no maintenance work carried out. A very sad state of affairs but, like every other government department, there is no money available.


Information leaflet

Information leaflet

We arrived at 3 p.m. and set up in the car park using the 40 metre P.A.R. end fed as an inverted V. We ran this out more or less East West and parallel with the road. On turning on the radio the noise was S7 and it would have been a pain to operate like that so we decided to take it all down and move up the track into the park. We threw the fishing sinker up into a gum tree at about 8 metres and set up the inverted V in a North South direction so that it was at right angles to the power lines out on the road. This dropped the noise level down to an acceptable S2-3.

We fired up with me calling C.Q.

For the first 5 minutes or so I thought that we would be packing up and heading home but then David, VK5PL gave us a call and the contacts slowly but surely followed.

The band was quite severely affected by qsb with a couple of stations disappearing all together but with a little patience we were able to gain valid contacts. Others were booming in. It is amazing how propagation can be so different from one location to another.

At one point Tom suggested that we swap the KX3 for his FT-857 as he was lusting for some more power. We swapped the radios over but I could pick no difference even though Tom was now using 50 watts. (I think he is trying to trash my battery?) Tom has the unfortunate habit of subscribing to the “More is good” members of the watt brigade whereas I prefer to “Do more with less”. Next thing you know we will be carting a 200 Amp/Hr battery around and nursing our hernias. Mention has been made of an amplifier.(sigh).

Although the contacts were a bit slow in coming we both had a good number and we thank all of those who called in, particularly the couple who faded right out but who persevered and with a bit of patience the contacts were completed.

Tom worked the following stations:-

Ron, VK3VBI,

Gavin, VK3MLU?

Greg, VK5GJ,

Mick, VK3PMG,

Ray, VK3YAR,

Damien, VK5FDEC,

Adrian, VK5FANA,

Don, VK3MCK,

Hans, KHZ,

Peter, VK5PET,

Gerrard, VK2IO,

Jeff, VK4RF,

Jeff, VK4HA,

Jeff, VK5JK,

and last but by no means least

Joe, VK3YSP.

These were all on the FT-857 at 50 watts.

Using the KX3 and 10 watts I was lucky enough to be called by:-

David, VK5PL,

Dennis, VK2HHA,

Greg, VK5GJ,

Adrian, VK5FANA,

Peter, VK3PF,

Mick, VK3PMG,

Paul, VK3DBP,

Amanda, VK3FQSO,

Les, VK5KLV,

Shaun, VK5FAKV,

Roscoe, VK3KRH,

Chris, VK3AWG,

Jeff, VK5JK,


Peter, VK5PET,

Many thanks to all of you and we hope to catch you again soon.

Start of the 100 metre long boardwalk

Start of the 100 metre long boardwalk

I will post some video shortly.






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8 Responses to Telford Scrub C.P. (VKFF-0805). 8th. January 2016

  1. Chris Megaw says:

    Nice write up Col. Always good to get a perspective on an activation in case you ever go there yourself.
    Chris VK4FR

    • vk5hcf says:

      Hi Chris, Thanks for the comments.
      We really enjoy getting out in the bush for a couple of hours and it’s a bonus when we get a decent number calling us. Thanks for the shout and look forward to catching you from the next one.

  2. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Nice write up again Col. Thanks for being out there for just our 2nd 2015/2016 Friday event for the VK5 Parks Award. The hot weather, and Christmas, NY have all conspired against us.

    Sorry I missed you. But I wasn’t set up in Mount Billy CP until 6.00 p.m. local time, after finishing work.



  3. vk5hcf says:

    G’Day Paul.
    No worries mate. Tom and I sooked out and went home at about 5p.m. so missed you too. I suspect that we should start later and stay later but it doesn’t suit us to do that.
    Thanks for organising the event yet again.
    Congratulations on the appointment. I am sure that you will serve us well.

    • VK5PAS, Paul says:

      Hi Col,

      Yep, the 40m band really comes to life at this time of the year from around 6.00 p.m. local time, so around 0730 UTC. But I realise that an evening activation doesn’t suit everyone. I normally have a packed tea in the fridge in the back of the 4WD and a few drinks. Some of the AREG guys have been having BBQs in some of the parks.

      Cheers and thanks for the wellwishes,


  4. Mick says:

    Hi Col, well done with the contacts in trying conditions. I’m looking at getting another radio soon, my 706 has developed some issues, and low power models are top of the list.

    • vk5hcf says:

      Hi Mick. Nice to hear from you. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with the 706 but i suppose that they are getting a bit long in the tooth. Good luck with choosing a new radio but be a bit carefull as it can be very frustrating when no one can hear you.

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