Another certificate

Paul ,VK5PAS has sent me this very attractive certificate just for being “Out and About” in a park or two over the VKFF annual activation weekend which was held on Saturday 28th. and Sunday 29th. of November 2015.


Another for the collection

Another for the collection

Paul seems to have a flair for graphic design as all of his certificates are first class  and are well worth putting in a frame and hanging on the shack wall.

Unfortunately my shack is pretty small and so I resort to placing mine in one of those folders with the clear plastic sleeves in it. This probably saves the printed images from the ravages of sunlight as well.


Thanks for your fine efforts Paul. It is always a pleasure to go out and spend a bit of time in the bush away from all the RF noise generated by led lights, plasma tv’s  and all the other trappings of modern society which our standards people pass without much testing and which are extremely RF dirty. (sigh).

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2 Responses to Another certificate

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Col,

    Really pleased you like the certificate mate. Many thanks for participating in the weekend. The various parks programs truly rely upon dedicated activators and hunters such as yourself.


    Paul, VK5PAS.

  2. vk5hcf says:

    Thanks for organising these events Paul. We really enjoy them.

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