3rd. Annual VK5 Parks Weekend

Another fantastic day out in the bush. Great weather and pretty good propagation although some qsb was about.

I was supposed to activate three parks for the day

  • Furner C.P. 5CP-072
  • Reedy Creek C.P. 5CP-196 VKFF-0931
  • Calectasia C.P. 5CP-028 VKFF-1010

Unfortunately I ran out of time and my hip started acting up so I decided to give Calectasia a miss and headed home in “sook” mode.

The Shopping Trolley Mk. 11 performed well and I am quite pleased with it at this stage.

Anyway- time for the detailed info.

First up was the Furner C.P.:-

FURNER C.P. 5CP-072. VKFF-0882 



Furner C.P. 5CP-072. VKFF-0882

I turned off the Princes Highway and headed East on Eastern Road. There are two tall phone towers on the left as you travel along. After about 2 km there is a block of scrub on the left. When the pine tree plantation starts turn left onto the track between the scrub and the pines and follow it around as marked by the yellow line on the map.

I set up about where the line on the map ends.


Furner Conservation Park

I was a little later getting set up than I had anticipated so I started a bit behind the eight ball.


As I pulled up I saw a nice fat female deer but she ran off before I could get the camera out.

After the obligatory photo of myself standing alongside the park sign I moved up the hill a bit and set the 40 metre P.A.R. mono band end fed up as an inverted V roughly East West along the fence line and I set up the station on the fire break just inside the park fence.

I saw a couple of bull ants but they did not bother me during the activation. There were, however heaps of Lady Bugs flying about but they seemed to avoid me. (Not so the car though as there were about 50 – 80 of them in there when I packed up).

I was very lucky as I had been listening on our 2 metre repeater, (146.900 MHz) on the way up and heard from Tom, VK5NFT that conditions were pretty poor but from the time I turned on the KX3 conditions seemed to have improved a lot as I had very little trouble working anyone

I worked the first contact at 01:57 U.T.C. and the last at 02:54 U.T.C.

Here is my log:-


I thoroughly enjoyed this activation and would like to thank all those who gave me a call.

Thanks also to those kind Amateurs who spotted me on Parks n Peaks. Very much appreciated as there is no doubt at all that spotting helps attract the callers.

Here is the only bit of video that I was able to record:-

When I checked the camera I had forgotten to turn the external microphone on?????????.


Reedy Creek C.P. 5CP-196. VKFF-0931

Where is it?.

Reedy Creek C.P. 5CP-196. VKFF-0931I travelled back out to the Princes Highway by retracing my route in. Once at the highway I turned right and travelled a few kilometres North until I reached the Beachport Penola cross road where I turned right. When I reached Kangaroo Inn I turned left onto the Robe Penola Road and after about 200 metres I turned Right into Jorgensons Road. The park is about 5 – 6 kms. on the right. For this one I threw my throw weight up into a tree at a height of about 10 metres and set up the 40 metre P.A.R. end fed. (Again as an inverted V).



Reedy Creek Conservation Park


Conditions were quite good again from this park and I was kept pretty busy. As I approached the required 44 contacts to qualify the park for the W.W.F.F. award I kept looking at my watch and debating to stay and get the extra few or head for park number 3 as I had said I would. In the end I decided that I would pack up and head for Calectasia as the time was getting on. Once I started to pack up my hip started to give me a bit of stick.

Here is my log for this Park:-

Reedy Creek C.P. F.L.E. LogI headed off to Calectasia but when I got there I nearly got the shopping trolley bogged in the very soft sand. Together with the time slipping away, the sore hip and no pain killers I decided to skip the park and head for home. My apologies to everyone for that but I will go back and do all three again soon.

Again, many thanks to all who called and especially those who put spots up for me.

My video of this activation is here:-

The cap on backwards is purely to keep the sun off the back of the neck, not as a fashion statement.

I look forward to working all of you from a park again soon.


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8 Responses to 3rd. Annual VK5 Parks Weekend

  1. Mick says:

    Hi Col, well done mate, you did 2 more than me, and nearly got the ‘Golden Shovel Award’, but glad you didn’t end up bogged.
    Thanks for the contacts and being out there.
    Mick vk3pmg.

  2. vk5hcf says:

    Thanks Mick.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the day and making heaps of contacts.
    Thanks for taking the trouble to give me a shout. Much appreciated. Hope to work you again soon.

  3. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Col,

    Mick is right….you almost assured that you were the next holder of the ‘Golden Shovel’ award, which has proudly been held by Peter VK5FLEX for some time now.

    Thanks for the 2 activations and thanks for being a part of the 3rd year anniversary of the VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award. Aways good to get you in the log mate.


    VK5 Parks Award Manager.

  4. vk5hcf says:

    Hi Paul,
    I did not actually get bogged. I said nearly as I was able to reverse out without even getting out of the car. Having “been there done that” though I carry a spade with me. Hihi.
    Our effort in the Canunda N.P. a couple of years back was a whole different story. We had to dig the shopping trolley out about 6 -7 times before we got mobile again.
    Great weekend. Thanks for organising it and getting me off my backside.

  5. vk5bje says:

    Hi Col
    I enjoyed my contacts with you – from home if I remember correctly. On Sunday morning there was no, then very little short skip, until quite late and then I started to gain a few contacts with VK5s. Well done on your activations and I am glad you didn’t get bogged!

    John D

  6. vk5hcf says:

    Hi John,
    It was a pleasure to work you again also. I have been missing my portable activities and I must get back to doing them more often.
    I have been bogged enough times in the truck when working in the bush to know pretty well when to retreat and take the lazy way out.

  7. vk4fr says:

    Thanks for the write up Col.
    I especially like an appreciation of driving conditions in the parks as having just gone from a 4WD back to a 2WD even with high clearance I’m still a bit gun shy!


  8. vk5hcf says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the kind comments.
    There are not too many places that I haven’t been able to go using a bit of common sense.
    The previous shopping Trolley, Ford Fiesta, and the new Kia Rio both lack ground clearance because of spoilers on the front. I find that the front wheel drive,( where the weight is over the drive wheels), helps a lot in sand but the ground clearance is the limiting factor. As I said – you need to be conservative.
    Good luck with your 2wd activating and I hope to work you portable soon.

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