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Once we had wrapped up at Big Heath C.P. Tom, VK5EE, and I headed over to the Mary Seymour C.P. which is less than 1 km to the South. Here is the overview map. Click on picture to enlarge. Having … Continue reading

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After being absent from the Park Activator lists for far too long I decided that now would be a good time to extract the digit and get back into the swing of things. With an abysmal setup at home, (Antenna … Continue reading

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Balloons Again? Friday 1st. March 2019

With a forecast temperature of 40C, (104F),  today Tom, VK5EE, and I were in two minds about chasing this one. a. Extreme fire danger. b. High levels of personal discomfort. We decided to watch and wait, as usual, but the … Continue reading

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29th. February 2019. Another successful Balloon chase.

Tom, VK5EE, and I haven’t chased a balloon for a little while now as the landing predictions have placed them just a little bit too far away. The prediction for Thursday 29th. looked promising though. NOTE: Double click on the … Continue reading

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