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Once we had wrapped up at Big Heath C.P. Tom, VK5EE, and I headed over to the Mary Seymour C.P. which is less than 1 km to the South. Here is the overview map. Click on picture to enlarge. Having … Continue reading

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After being absent from the Park Activator lists for far too long I decided that now would be a good time to extract the digit and get back into the swing of things. With an abysmal setup at home, (Antenna … Continue reading

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Balloons Again? Friday 1st. March 2019

With a forecast temperature of 40C, (104F),  today Tom, VK5EE, and I were in two minds about chasing this one. a. Extreme fire danger. b. High levels of personal discomfort. We decided to watch and wait, as usual, but the … Continue reading

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29th. February 2019. Another successful Balloon chase.

Tom, VK5EE, and I haven’t chased a balloon for a little while now as the landing predictions have placed them just a little bit too far away. The prediction for Thursday 29th. looked promising though. NOTE: Double click on the … Continue reading

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Here we go again. Balloon chase Monday 28th. January 2019

The radiosonde is a small, expendable instrument package that is suspended below a 1.8 metre wide balloon filled with hydrogen or helium. As the radiosonde rises at about 300 meters/minute, sensors on the radiosonde measure profiles of pressure, temperature, and … Continue reading

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Yet another successful Balloon chase.

Today’s weather balloon launch was looking promising as the prediction was for it to land just East of Nangwarry in the Lower South East of South Australia, only about 18 kms from home. After contacting Charles, VK5HD, and finding out … Continue reading

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Weather sonde chase. Monday 14th. January 2019

This is my first post in what seems like ages. (Probably because it is). Recently a number of South East Radio Group members have been tracking weather balloons here in South East South Australia. A balloon is released automatically from … Continue reading

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