On the morning od Saturday the 13th. Alan, VK5FAJS and I made a spur of the moment decision to get out and activate a park. After a quick discussion we decided that Telford Scrub would be a good choice as it is only about 7 km. north of Mt. Gambier and is a very pretty spot as well.

Telford Scrub C.P. (VKFF-805)

Telford Scrub C.P. (VKFF-805)

We set off North on the Riddoch highway and were soon in the park.

13th. June 2015

13th. June 2015

On a whim I decided not to use the 7 metre squid pole for this activation so I broke out my throwing apparatus and, after a number of failed attempts  got the antenna raised to about 10 metres. I use a Par end fed 40 metre monoband antenna and set it up by supporting the half length point as an inverted V. This configuration has served me well and, in my opinion, places less strain on the squid pole, (when using it) than a coax fed dipole. The inverted V configuration also makes the antenna, (more or less) Omni directional. I hope to post some video of my set up shortly.

Once set up Alan started us off and was in fine form. The band was in excellent shape and the contacts were coming in loud and clear with virtually no rf noise in the park. (Beautiful).

I have experienced quite bad power line noise in this park on past activations but this time we did not have that problem.

Alan had a really great time but as he is not yet very experienced with activating parks he still gets a little confused when he gets multiple callers at once, (trying to write down time, call signs, names etc. so please be patient. We all started off the same way).

After a while he passed the mike over and I had a bit of a go.

The weather was magnificent for the time of year and with the great operating conditions it was a very pleasant couple of hours.

Alan was able to work the following callers:


Craig, VK3CRG,

Tony, VK7LTF, portable,

Brian, VK5FMID,

Ken, VK3HKV,

Aaron, VK3FAPH,

Gerrard, VK2IO,

Peter, VK3PF,

Nick, VK3ANL,

Ian, VK1DI/1 in Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve. VKFF-835,

Rex, VK3OF,

Ian, VK5IS,

Kevin, VK3FKFK,

Peter, VK3TKK

Rob, VK4AAC/5 in Flinders Chase N.P. VKFF-

Paul, VK5PAS/5 in Winninowie C.P. VKFF-820

At this point we changed operators and I was then able to work:

Mick, VK3PMG/3 in Mt. Napier. VKFF-769

Eric, VK7EK,



David, VK5HYZ,

Amanda, VK3FQSO, qrp (500 milliwatts)

Peter, VK3TKK,

Rob, VK4AAC/5 still in Flinders Chase N.P. VKFF-173

Ian, VK1DI/1, still in Bruce Ridge VKFF-835,

Paul, VK5PAS/5 in Winninowie C.P. VKFF-820,

Bryan, VK3FCAT,

Barry, VK5BW,

Mark, VK5QI,

Allen, VK5FD,

and John, VK3FMPB in the Kinglake N.P. VKFF-264.

On behalf of Alan and myself, many thanks to all who gave us a call and made it a very enjoyable couple of hours.

I have put together a bit of video.

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6 Responses to TELFORD SCRUB CONSERVATION PARK. (VKFF-805) 13th. June 2015

  1. Mick says:

    G’day Col, good to work you from vkff-769, the weather was spot on for a June day, and plenty of activity on the band. Well done with the activation to you both, and Alan gave me a shout before heading out to the park for your joint activation, but I missed getting a park to park with him.
    Mick vk3pmg.

  2. gazmag says:

    Hi there Col, looks like you and Alan had a great time, thanks for the blog and the video.

    73 Garry VK2GAZ

  3. Rex says:

    G’day Col. and Alan. Great to catch up with you blokes. And strange to hear the other end of my QSO. Excellent write up. Keep up the good work.
    de Rex VK3OF

  4. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Thanks for the park to park contact guys.

    Best 73,


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