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Douglass Point was the 3rd. and final activation for Sunday and the weekend overall. My G.P.S. got all confused over this one and kept telling us to turn around and go back on a regular basis. Fortunately we pretty much … Continue reading

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EWENS PONDS C.P. VKFF-0796. (29th. November 2015)

Ewens Ponds Conservation Park was our 2nd. activation on the Sunday of the VKFF activation weekend.   When Tom, VK5EE and I arrived there were a number of cars were in the carpark and it was obvious that the occupants … Continue reading

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PICCANINNIE PONDS C.P. VKFF-0927. (29th. November 2015)

This was our first activation for the Sunday part of the weekend. We arrived to find quite a few people wandering about as part of the Friends of The Park activity which was also on this weekend. Tom, VK5EE and … Continue reading

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PENAMBOL C.P. VKFF-0802. (28th. November 2015)

Tom, VK5EE and I had decided to activate this park on the Saturday of the VKFF activation weekend as it was close to Mt. Gambier and therefore an easy one to do as a short afternoon activation. After travelling South … Continue reading

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